Check if Broadband is available!

10 02 2010

Moving to a new area is daunting enough, but to only find out after the fact that the local exchange does not support ADSL is enough to cause heart failure.  All those techies out there understand where I’m coming from!  So I’m now checking the ADSL availability per post code before short listing a rental property.

What does ‘ADSL Availability’ mean?
  • To make use of ADSL on a telephone line, the local exchange has to be ‘enabled’. Normally this is is a job which BT (British Telecommunications) will carry out. There is a cost to enabling the exchange for ADSL and as a consequence, BT will only enable those exchanges that can make a profit. In addition to having the local exchange enabled, customers must also be within the maximum distance of the exchange.
  • If a customer is on the edge of the area for ADSL, then we may be able to offer ‘Rate Adaptive’ DSL which essentially uses the best speed possible, but there is no assurance that it will reach 512k on a download. This situation is made obvious on the checker (on the right of this page), and in our experience has been acceptable to customers.
If your line is rejected because of distance
If your line is rejected because you live too far from the exchange, then you will have to wait for technology to catch up with demand. The maximum travel distances for ADSL are gradually increasing, so although you may not be able to utilise broadband now, you may be able to in the near future. There are other products which can be used to get broadband services which are listed here:
  • BT Broadband Satellite
  • Radio Broadband
  • Cable DSL

Click here to check the broadband availability in your new area.